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Weight Loss Long Island, NY, Cellulite - VIVINLINEA Weight Loss Clinic & Spa on Long Island, New York Vivinlinea Banner - An innovative non-invasive technique designed to help you with weight loss. By burning calories from fatty deposits you can achieve weight loss without strenuous exercise! All the while relaxing in a luxurious environment. The core of the VIVINLINEA Methodology is a technique clinically proven for weight loss called, Thermal-Wrap5000TM. These exclusive thermal-wraps, 'LOC' and 'GEN', work in synergy with a well-balanced Mediterranean eating plan and natural anti-aging skin care products to produce amazing weight loss results! The VIVINLINEA Methodology is completely safe and works naturally - NO pills NO medication - to help achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss has never been easier.

Core Element 

Powered by An Innovative and Clinically Proven 'Conductive Heating System'.


Introducing our Thermal-Wrap Technique*

Thermal-Wrap5000TM is the most advanced non-invasive thermal-wrap equipment available today.
Thermal-Wrap5000TM is the first and core element of the VIVINLINEA program and can be likened to a localized sauna. It consists of two components:
  • A programmable temperature control device with LCD display screen
  • Two different thermal-wraps developed to deliver a modulated and gentle heat into the skin
Thermal-Wrap5000TM is the sole apparatus in the field that can per form two different types of treatments:
  • 'LOC' - Three localized ther mal-wraps focusing on cellulite and local fatty deposits on torso, abdomen, hips and thighs
  • 'GEN' - One generalized ther mal-wrap focusing on burning calories and weight loss
What sets Thermal-Wrap5000TM apart from other technologies in the market such as, infrared sauna and other laser technologies? This thermal-wrap implements a state-of-the-art conductive heating system. Thanks to this technology the session can last longer and, as proven by the clinical study, the heat gently and safely penetrates deeper into the skin enhancing perspiration and detoxification.

Clinical Study

Title: 'A non-invasive thermal-wrap technique for inducing calorie burning and weight loss.'
Authors: Jeannette Graf, M.D., Massimo Guerrieri, M.S., and Simcha Pollack, Ph.D.
Conclusion: '...As this pilot study shows, combining the therapy with a healthy diet over eight weeks can lead to significant weight loss and body fat reduction...'

Thermal-Wrap5000TM Helps to Burn Calories Without Strenuous Exercise!

...read more about the clinical study

...Second Element

* Thermal-Wrap5000TM makes no therapeutic claims. The apparatus is not a medical device and is not intended to cure any disease or illness. Clients MUST consult their physician before starting the program.