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Weight Loss Long Island, NY, Cellulite - VIVINLINEA Weight Loss Clinic & Spa on Long Island, New York Vivinlinea Banner - An innovative non-invasive technique designed to help you with weight loss. By burning calories from fatty deposits you can achieve weight loss without strenuous exercise! All the while relaxing in a luxurious environment. The core of the VIVINLINEA Methodology is a technique clinically proven for weight loss called, Thermal-Wrap5000TM. These exclusive thermal-wraps, 'LOC' and 'GEN', work in synergy with a well-balanced Mediterranean eating plan and natural anti-aging skin care products to produce amazing weight loss results! The VIVINLINEA Methodology is completely safe and works naturally - NO pills NO medication - to help achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss has never been easier.

First Thermal-Wrap* Technique Published
in an American Medical Journal


For more information about the results of the clinical study, click .

* Thermal-Wrap5000TM makes no therapeutic claims. The apparatus is not a medical device and is not intended to cure any disease or illness. Clients MUST consult their physician before starting the program. If you are pregnant or you have cancer you cannot start the program. If you have any other medical conditions which could prohibit in partaking in this program you need the consent from your MD or our MD.