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Weight Loss Long Island, NY, Cellulite - VIVINLINEA Weight Loss Clinic & Spa on Long Island, New York Vivinlinea Banner - An innovative non-invasive technique designed to help you with weight loss. By burning calories from fatty deposits you can achieve weight loss without strenuous exercise! All the while relaxing in a luxurious environment. The core of the VIVINLINEA Methodology is a technique clinically proven for weight loss called, Thermal-Wrap5000TM. These exclusive thermal-wraps, 'LOC' and 'GEN', work in synergy with a well-balanced Mediterranean eating plan and natural anti-aging skin care products to produce amazing weight loss results! The VIVINLINEA Methodology is completely safe and works naturally - NO pills NO medication - to help achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss has never been easier.

Testimonials from Clients

"I have always thought that a woman's best accessory was her figure. A good figure is always noticed before any piece of jewelry or designer fashion. No one ever looked at me and thought anything but that I had a nice figure. Then the 'change of life' occurred. During a 12-month period, because of my menopause, I steadily put on 1 pound a month. This doesn't sound like a lot of weight, but the math proves otherwise. And not from eating junk, I was eating my usual healthful fare! When I looked in the mirror I could see that my clothes were not fitting right and there was a layer of local fat and cellulite over my entire body, in particular on my waist, hips and thighs I dressed to cover it, but I knew it was there. During this time I employed every diet and exercise strategy I knew. I hired a trainer, basically starved myself, and to my surprise the extra 12 pounds stayed on. I couldn't budge it. Then a very dear friend of mine, Barbara, recommended Vivinlinea where she was receiving thermal wraps nutritional counseling. I hadn't seen her in a while and she looked fabulous. So, I ran there.

When I walked in I immediately noticed the extremely clean and luxurious decor. I was greeted by a warm staff and was brought to this unique maple-wood treatment room. After my first Thermal-Wrap session, for which I simply laid there and was wrapped and coated in their signature Romans Fango (Italian Mud) from head to toe, I met with Annalisa; an extremely fit, knowledgeable and sweetly soft-spoken, beautiful woman. She looked me over, concentrating on the spots coated with cellulite; most notably my arms, thighs and stomach. Annalisa felt that I was working out too much, and that while my diet might have been good before my change of life, it clearly was wrong for me now.

Additionally, she explained the facts behind this clinically proven technology called, 'Thermal-Wrap' in combination with a well-balanced Mediterranean eating plan (V-Diet) she told me that with just two weekly sessions and meetings with Massimo, the Founder of Vivinlinea, for nutritional guidance, the weight should disappear. So I met immediately with him. He possessed the same strong knowledge base as Annalisa, and was in the same incredible shape. He spent about an hour with me explaining the eating regime, not diet, but a way-of-eating that he successfully employed since 1995 while he lived in Italy. I was actually going to be eating at least twice as much as I had before.

I started in March, going for two weekly sessions, weighing in each time. After the first week, I started to steadily lose a pound a week, plus I noticed that the treatments were also dissolving the cellulite! Within 8 weeks the weight was off 11 pounds in the areas I wanted to lose and I felt the 'old me' had returned. In addition, I lost 3 1/2 inches at my waist, 2 inches at my hips and more inches on my thighs, knees and arms, as well. The wonderful thing about this program is the maintenance is only monthly sessions, and being thoughtful, in a different way about food choices. I am grateful to the staff at Vivinlinea who returned me to the confident woman I was before, and gave me back my most valuable accessory, my figure, in a relaxing and healthy way."

- Leslie Watnik, Sands Point, N.Y.

"I am so grateful that I decided to come to VIVINLINEA, it is a place of miracles! I had been neglecting my health over the past year as I am sure many moms can relate to. I got to a low point when I realized that unless I began to take care of myself emotionally, physically and spiritually, I would be useless to the people who depend on me most. I met Annalisa at the NAVEL Expo 2011, where she spoke of her thermal treatments and healthy eating plan. I was very skeptical that this would work, it seemed almost too good to be true. I couldn't believe it when she said that I would get optimal results without any exercise. I called two references, Eliana and Fayina, and both women were so happy to share their experiences with me and they addressed my largest concern which was if they were able to maintain their healthy lifestyle. Both women have maintained their weight loss and have remained healthy for years!

I decided to commit and the day I started the wraps I also changed my eating habits. I started by doing the wraps and after a month of consistently losing weight I decided to learn more about their eating plan. I am learning how to adapt the program for my whole family, not only for weight loss but for boosting our immune systems and showing them what healthy living is all about. It is interesting because there have been many things that I thought were either good for you or not good for you and in reality it was the opposite of what I thought. Both Massimo and Annalisa know so much about nutrition and healthy living, but the biggest selling point is that they practice what they preach. They live their lives in line with what they are teaching their clients. Annalisa regularly shares her recipes with me and my family now thinks I am this good cook!

The staff at VIVINLINEA is exceptionally kind and supportive. They are so accommodating and truly know and care about each of their clients. The thermal wraps have been very relaxing and they really work! I am in the middle of my journey and am so optimistic as to what the final results will be. I have lost 19 pounds in two months! I do not feel as if I am on a diet and I didn't exercise (put my gym membership on hold). I am never hungry and do not think I will struggle once I am on a maintenance program. I feel so lucky that I ended up at VIVINLINEA. I would recommend these services to anyone who is motivated to live a healthier life."

- Dara, Suffok, NY

"My wife and I have known Massimo and Annalisa Guerrieri since April 1992 when my wife Ramona decided to begin their weight lose program. Ramona was one of the Guerrieri's first clients shortly after they opened their business in Scandicci, a suburb of Florence, Italy. Thanks to their care my wife lost 46 pounds quickly and without difficulties. My wife has continued to maintain with the health and diet center of Massimo and Annalisa. Over the years the Guerrieri's have become dear friends.

Massimo and Annalisa have worked in the health, diet and asthetic sector since 1988 opening their first health center in Lucca. My wife can attest that their diet program, known in New York as VIVINLINEA Method, works. It is a relaxing and efficient procedure for looseing weight, toning up the body, reducing cellulite, and improving overall health.

We appreciate so much the individual care and the professional attitude that Massimo and Annalisa offered."

- Robert and Ramona Shackelford, Director Harding University in Florence, Italy

"Thank you so much for your beautiful body reshaping program and healthy treatments.

I have to say that these wraps are beyond belief. I've tried everything and have dieted my whole life to keep my weight somewhat normal. I also had been working out four times a week to sculpt and lose weight, but was at a plateau.

In conjunction with the eating plan, the slimming wraps me the finest results. I've lost over seventeen inches on my body and am extremely excited about this. Before I started, I was wearing size 14 pants and 16 skirts. Somewhat skeptical, I noticed a smaller waist line within the first week.

The eating plan is simple and you learn how to eat properly. Thus I've maintained a size 9/10 with little effort and I don't have to spend all my time at the gym or feel deprived.

I'm also delighted with the decreased of cellulite in the stubborn butt and thigh area. I still have a desk job but amazing as it is, this program really works.

The added healthy benefits from the natural process of detoxifying have helped me overcome a month plus long lingering flu in a very short of time. Even the doctor's prescriptions didn't work.

Thanks to VIVINLINEA, and the program I have total health.

I need to mention that your staff complements the warm environment; very supportive and accommodating. These ladies are an asset to your facility.

My Blessings to all."

- Sheryl De Los Rios, Great Neck, NY

"VIVINLINEA has turned my life into a slimming success!

After losing my initial 17 lbs. (186 to 169) by cutting certain foods out of my daily diet through a commercial diet plan, I was still feeling quite bloated and pudgy from the thighs to my face. Then, I found VIVINLINEA Spa through a concerned friend who had already achieved great results through their program.

The unique localized thermo-wraps helped me burn calories and reshape my body just in the right areas quickly. By following this Reshaping Program it was easy to achieve my goal in just 6 months.

Now, with owners, Annalisa and Massimo's guidance I have lost my final 33 lbs. (169 to 136). I have lowered my cholesterol, triglycerides, and halted many of my skin allergies related to foods. My clothes size is now down to a size 8 from a size 16.

The nutritional consultations, continuous pampering, knowledgeable staff and value of the program are keeping me healthy, energized, and within an affordable budget.

I have maintained my weight for more than one year now and I feel I am in good physical shape. My skin has become youthful and luminous.

I thank my concerned friend and I'm grateful to the VIVINLINEA Spa staff. They have helped me save money from the continuous disappointments of commercial diet plans and fad diets!"

- Cindy J Zubli, Great Neck, NY

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for helping me lose those last 15 stubborn pounds. After having a 9lb. 15oz, 22" baby boy almost three years ago, I was still trying to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight. No matter how hard I tried and how much I would cut down my portions, nothing seems to work.

After my first session I felt the difference and once I spoke with Massimo, all the pieces felt into a place. He thought me the correct way to eat and helped me understand what I was doing wrong all a long.

Now, I feel better and look better that pre-pregnancy. Vivinlinea has helped me shed the extra weight, not to mentioned, I could not have done it without eating plan. The eating plan has opened my eyes and educated me in a way no other diet in market could have done.

I take my hat off to you for bringing this magnificent program to New York. It has changed my life and my lifestyle forever. Thank you, Massimo and your wonderful staff."

- Eliana Londoņo, Flushing, NY

"You certainly made a believer out of me!!! I must admit, before starting the program, I questioned it's validity, and NOW... two months after completion, remaining on maintenance and fourteen pounds lighter, I feel like a new person both physically and emotionally.

Your support, input and enthusiasm have been invaluable. Lena, Venus and Leyla are always there with their warmth, attentiveness and dedication, as well. Their personal touch always makes me feel very comfortable and special.

I constantly recommend your program whenever possible and thank you so very much for helping me to change my "way of life" in a very positive and meaningful way."

- Marion Cohn, North Hills, NY

"Less than two months ago, I was sitting in my doctor's office discussing the possibility of surgery to help aid my cellulite. She was very much against it and suggested that I try the VIVINLINEA program. I was desperate and with the wonderful endorsement from my doctor, I set up an appointment.

From the moment I arrived, Annalisa put me totally at ease. She explained in detail the way their program worked and how the treatments and diet plan could help me with my problem. I was so impressed I got a treatment that very day.

I am now 16 pounds light, lost, in total, 10.5 inches, and more amazingly, most of my cellulite. I can't believe how simple it was to achieve such wonderful results. Both Annalisa and Massimo worked with me every step of the way, helping me over whatever little stumbling blocks I encountered. Their understanding and commitment to their clients is a rarity in today's world. I owe them so much for their help in making me understand that achieving my goals wasn't impossible.

The ladies who administered the treatments are also incredible. Their smiles and their soft touch made the treatments even better.

I truly encourage anyone who is able to take advantage of this wonderful spa!"

- Fran Schultz, Bayside, NY

"For the last two years, before I visited VIVINLINEA for consultation, I have tried almost all kind of diets in combination with a lot of exercise, for four days a week. I was committed to reduce my weight and inches, but unfortunately my weight remained 152 pounds and I wore size twelve. I was a little bit depressed and discouraged for that.

Now, after three months of the VIVINLINEA program, not even my husband can believe that I have lost 22 pounds and I am a size four. All my friends admire the way I look and ask me how I did it.

Then, if you want to see beautiful results on your body, I recommend you to visit Vivinlinea in Great Neck.

Thank you Annalisa."

- Delmy Garcia, Uniondale, NY

"When first hearing about VIVINLINEA through family members, I was a bit skeptical. After years of "dieting", I would have never believed that losing weight could be so simple. Annalisa sat down with me and explained the whole process of the program, while Massimo taught me the proper way of eating with this plan. They were both very informative and were always there to answer any questions that I needed explained.

Once I started the sessions, I could not believe the results I started to see almost immediately. Not only was I losing the inches, fat and cellulite, but my skin was softer, smoother, and above all, I was more relaxed and less stressed. Not only did I begin to look better physically, but I felt better mentally. I worked better during the day and I slept better at night.

After only a few sessions, people started to notice the difference in me. They noticed the weight I had begun to lose and they noticed the aura and glow that I presented. Up until today I continue to receive compliments on my accomplishment and appearance, which in reality, I owe all to VIVINLINEA and the staff. The staff a VIVINLINEA is very friendly and genuinely supportive. They always made me feel so comfortable and helped me with all my needs during the sessions. By the end of my treatment, I felt like I've known these girls forever. I cannot say enough nice things about them. Whenever I had a concern, Annalisa would always take time and come in and talk with me. I've really learned a lot from both her and Massimo. Massimo explained to me the proper method of eating, which some may call a diet, but I've learned that it's a way a life. The eating plan is not difficult to understand and follow, which is very important. Once learned, it will charge your life forever.

I recommend VIVINLINEA to everyone. It doesn't matter if you have 10 pounds to lose or 100 pounds to lose or even if you just need a break from the stresses we endure. The program and the staff will help you through it all.

I will definitely be a lifelong client of VIVINLINEA."

- Diana Novelli, Merrick, NY

"Starting VIVINLINEA has changed my life in many ways. Physically, mentally and spiritually. I'm a whole new person. People have come up to me and have told me that I seem much happier and that I look great. The VIVINLINEA program was one of the best desires of my life. Once you walk into the Spa you are in a whole different world, and you feel at ease with yourself. They make you feel very welcome and the staff is wonderful. The meal plan is easy to follow and you can even have pasta and rice.

I recommend this place very highly, because it really works."

- Debbie Zarnegin, Great Neck, NY

"When my mother first suggested going to VIVINLINEA for professional assistance and treatment in losing weight, I was skeptical. My weight had been on an upward trend for the past year and I had convinced myself that this new (and larger) frame was just something I would have to learn to accept.

Unfortunately, my clothes didn't agree with me on that matter and my frustration led me to VIVINLINEA's doorstep.

She won't understand how a short girl like me can weigh so much, I thought as Annalisa weighed me at my first appointment. But all she did was smile and tell me that within a few weeks, I would reach my goal and surpass it. I knew what my ideal was because, 2 years ago, I used to work out for 2 hours every day and I had finally reached a weight at which I was happy. Of course, I didn't believe VIVINLINEA's promise, especially when they told me to abstain from doing too much exercise (I was not at all averse to following this piece of advice though, since I had tired of running 3 miles daily and not seeing results).

Annalisa taught me how to eat, she taught me to have a healthy relationship with food, she encouraged and extolled me every time the scale proved my initial doubts wrong. I began to feel an overwhelming sense of comfort every time I walked into Vivinlinea and learned to love stepping on the scale.

Upon completion of my first month, I had lost a total of 10 pounds - 3 pounds of which was below my original goal - and I was a changed person. I no longer suffered from a preoccupation with food throughout the day and I overcame my compulsive addiction to chocolate. Annalisa became my mentor; I developed so much trust in everything she told me and, in turn, became a stronger person because I had accomplished what I thought to be the impossible.

When the time came for me to return to college, I was both scared at the prospect of maintaining my body on my own and excited to find out if the change was a permanent one.

I have now been away at school for 2 months. I'm approaching my 15th week on the VIVINLINEA eating plan and I've lost a total of 15 pounds. VIVINLINEA has not only changed the way my body looks, but I have developed a completely new perspective on my life. I can't possibly describe my experience in a way that will convey its full impact on me because it is ineffable; I can only say that everyone should give VIVINLINEA the full benefit of the doubt. It will do wonders for anyone willing to embrace the biggest change in attitude, quality of life, but most obviously, appearance!

My one caveat: not one article of clothing that you now own will ever look good on you again (but that's okay since you'll look so much better without clothing anyway)."

- Janet S., Great Neck, NY

"I am so happy and thankful to have found VIVINLINEA. My daughter recommended the center to me after the program helped her shed extra weight from her pregnancy. My only regret is that I did not listen to her sooner. VIVINLINEA has helped me in many ways; the most important of which is that I lost 22 pounds of cellulite (from 149 to 127) in only a month and a half. In addition, just the simple act of relaxing 2 or 3 times each week has lowered my stress and aided me in my ability to deal with everyday problems. The eating plan is terrific and very easy to follow, and the best part of all is that this program is safe and natural. The spa has a beautiful atmosphere. I enjoy my sessions there so much that I often find myself wanting to do extra time. Annalisa and Massimo have many years of experience in Italy and I am very lucky that they opened this location in Great Neck.

Thank you so very much!"

- Norma Molina, Glen Cove, NY

"I gave birth to a beautiful boy in 1999 - This after my first child was born 20 years ago! Unfortunately I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy and really wanted to get back to my ideal weight. My daughter was visiting the hairdresser next door and saw the brochure of VIVINLINEA Health Spa. She passed it on to me and I decided to go in for a consultation.

Annalisa was very nice and explained the program to me. It's seemed to make sense, so I decided to try it. I was apprehensive to start at that time, since thanksgiving and the holidays were coming, but really I wanted to lose some weight so I could look and feel better for the holidays. And I did it! I lost the weight quickly and steadily. And the time that I spent at VIVINLINEA is also very relaxing.

I'm proud to say I have lost 23 pounds so far, and I plan to lose more. More important, I have lost the weight safely, learned how to respect food and eat the right foods at the right time.

I would like to add that the facility is very clean and pleasant, and the staff is very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous.

I would recommend VIVINLINEA to anyone. "

- Iris Karwacki, Flushing, NY

"Last July 4th, while coming out of the Associated Foods Store on Middle Neck Rd., I happened to see the window sign for the "Italian Weight Loss Spa". I had plans to fly to Italy in two weeks time and I was desperate to lose seven pounds.

A weight-loss spa from Florence, specializing in cellulite reduction seemed like a coincidence to good to be true. During my travels, I had heard that the Italians specialized in this types of treatments. After I met with Annalisa, her sincere manner and confidence in the program convinced me to take a chance. What did I have to lose, but the fat? I decided to start that Tuesday.

On July 5th I started my program. I went to the VIVINLINEA Spa, faithfully, three times a week. I enjoyed each session. The assistants were supportive and by July 19th, I had reached, and even exceeded my first goal weight by one half pound. I lost seven and half pounds.

On August 9th, after following the eating plan in Italy without much difficulty, I returned from my trip 2 pounds lighter. I resumed my sessions and have continued with the eating plan. I can enthusiastically say that I have been at my new goal weight - which is 19 pounds lighter than when I started - since about October 15th.

Now, I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. I used to have aches and pains in my hip, but now they are gone. I attribute that to natural foods on the eating plan. Also, I used to have cravings for sugar, but they too are diminishing.

In closing, I would like to say that one session at the VIVINLINEA Spa is like a "mini-vacation". I endure stress from everyday life, but after a visit to the VIVINLINEA Center, I go home feeling relaxed and pampered. I highly recommend VIVINLINEA to all. "

- Joan Halperin, Great Neck, NY

"VIVINLINEA has been a godsend. It's not only healthy and sensible, but it's fast, understandable and extremely rewarding.

I haven't felt or looked this good in years. I've not only lost more than 30 pounds, I have lost so many inches. My skin also looks and feels better than it ever has.

There are no gimmicks, pills or other angles. It's natural, healthy and teaches you respect for food.

I highly recommend it."

- Helen Welsh, Port Washington, NY

"When life starts getting you down and you want to relax, lose a few extra pounds and tone up your body, check out the VIVINLINEA Health Spa in Great Neck. A friendly, helpful, supportive and smiling staff will guide you through the simple eating plan and spa sessions in a wonderfully warm relaxing setting, so you can find the NEW you. I know it worked for me. I lost 20 pounds and went from a size 14 to a size 8 and kept it off. I feel happier, more relaxed, and I like looking at myself in the mirror again. Thanks VIVINLINEA."

- P.R.N., Great Neck, NY

"I never imagined that by relaxing, listening to music and sleeping I could lose weight and rejuvenate myself. To my surprise, that's exactly what happened, I lost 11 pounds in seven weeks, the first time in 2005, going from size 10 to size 6. Then, in 2006 I lost another 6 pounds going down to size 4 six months later. Now after four years of maintenance I am still a size 2. I am Doris Arango, after becoming a widow I felt the need to reshape my life, so I joined the gym, but nothing major happened with my weight and appearance until I joined VIVINLINEA SPA in Great Neck, NY.

Now I am not only fit, but I am in full control of my eating habits. VIVINLINEA - Unique Science for Body Reshaping, has proven itself to me. Spite the fact that I'm a very active person, I don't like dieting or going to the gym. With VIVINLINEA I lost 17 pounds with two sessions per week without dieting and any physical activity and in a pleasant and relaxing way. Thermal Wraps sessions stimulate my metabolism while burning calories and detoxifying my body.

The beauty of the program is that it not only helps you lose the weight, but it teaches you how to maintain it. The eating plan, (not a diet) offers many alternatives, making it very convenient for you to follow, and easy to share with the entire family as well. In that way you don't deprive yourself of the satisfaction of the pleasure of food. I feel wonderful and many people have pointed out how much younger I look now. So this program for me worked to re-energize and rejuvenate my entire body.

After believing in the body reshaping, I had VIVINLINEA treat my skin, and how amazed I have been with the results of the ANTI-AGING FACIAL, and the MICRODERMABRASION. My skin glows, and I feel it couldn't have happened without the VIVINLINEA Skincare Products!

Another great benefit of this program is the positive attitude infused by the staff and seminars provided by VIVINLINEA. I have attended seminars where they educate me to have a radiant attitude not only physically, but also mentally.

There are many great benefits with this wonderful program; losing weight and maintaining it; skin, body, and mind nourishing; detoxification, and relaxation. I feel and look great. Really, this program work, I have been a widow for six years, and before the program I wasn't successful attracting men, now anywhere I go they look at me."

- Doris Arango, Great Neck, NY